GF marmalade & choc chip bread & butter pudding

P1010707aThe other day, my husband mentioned to me that he quite liked marmalade pudding. Now puddings are quite difficult to master without wheat and certainly not at short notice and I don’t have many non-wheat ingredients in the flat. So as an experimental first attempt, I opted for a marmalade & chocolate chip bread & butter pudding. It was actually pretty good and extremely filling. There are no sultanas, mostly because hubby doesn’t like sultanas and it was for him so, what’s the point?

I’ve found a few other recipes I want to try this year and, with a new kitchen in the pipeline, I hope to have many more kitchen ventures this year than I have had in the previous few months! Which inevitably means more chocolate delights to look forward to. Feels good to be back in the kitchen!

If anyone would like to try this pudding out, the recipe can be found here.



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