I’m a confident introvert, a traveller who loves to explore, a believer, a thinker and a list-maker.

I am married to my other half whose strengths are strong enough to carry my flaws, whose talents inspire me to live out my own, whose diplomacy perfectly balances my opinionated nature and whose patience and love I am grateful for and in awe of every day.

I am a wheat-free baker who thrives without clutter and an amateur photographer who’s learning about seeing and capturing the world in its natural light.

I spend a disproportionate amount of time in coffee shops, drinking decaf coffee and I love the changing seasons but am most at home in Autumn.

I have a sister who is my best friend. She is the same as me but the opposite of me. She enters like a hurricane but leaves like a tornado, picking up all trace of her in her wake.

I have an extremely small but equally close family who live pretty nearby, but my closest friends are scattered far and wide across the country and across the globe.

I think a lot, about so many things and this small corner of the internet is an outlet and a record, so that I don’t forget what I’ve learned and experienced and so that I can capture the mundane alongside the exciting and the memories alongside the dreams.

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