One Day

One Day I’d like to live in a house with a garden. I’d like it to have space for a library so that my husband can immerse himself in books and those he has penned can have their own pride of place. I’d like a kitchen with space to create delicious dinners and bake fun treats. I’d like a play room for the children and enough rooms so that each child (hopefully 2 or 3) has their own nest and we still have a spare for guests.

My husband I both have a vision of this house. Our images seem to match and we dream of it fairly frequently. But it’s not just the house itself that we want, it’s the lifestyle and choices it represents and that go alongside it hand in hand in our dream.

We’d like the flexibility of work that allows us to raise our children mostly ourselves, encourage them to love learning and give them opportunities to explore. We’d like to welcome people and for them to enjoy being in the moment, to relax, cast off their burdens and feel blessed by our home, our food and our family. We want to practice hospitality, enjoy the seasons in their most basic and beautiful forms and we want to teach our children to do likewise.

I’m often impatient for this house; for this dream. I catch glimpses of it so often but am never able to connect the dots between our lives now and how we get there. But somehow, I trust we will get there, because it’s not just the house, it’s a God-given desire to create a place which others can also call home. A simple and genuine home free of fear and judgement for our children, friends, family and strangers.

So until then, I must simply learn patience and practice hospitality, enjoying the seasons and creating a warm environment in readiness and preparation for One Day.

Dreaming at 29

I turn 30 next year and it has suddenly dawned on me why age has mattered so much to me. When I was in my teens I dreaded having a teenager myself, not because I was so unruly as a teen (I hope!) but because I thought I would be jealous of their youth and the life moments they had yet to experience.

But it has only just dawned on me that it has never been their age and experiences in and of themselves that I would be jealous of – I know and am happier with myself now than I ever have been and I don’t particular want to re-live ‘growing up’. It is the naive dreaming and the world lying in front of them and the NEW experiences that I realised I never wanted to lose. The joy in this realisation is that while you can’t stop time from passing, you CAN keep dreaming and having new experiences!

So I’m starting now. Before I even turn 30. Because it’s never too late to start dreaming again.

Bucket list

I could have sworn I had already made a bucket list on this little blog but I can’t seem to find it. When searching through some of my old blogs, I found some past iterations and was surprised at just how many things I’ve done. I’ve been to Israel, created a scrapbook I’m 100% proud of,  got married, read the Bible from cover to cover, been on multiple holidays with groups of friends, made an item of clothing and been on a cookery (Yo Sushi) course.

I’m seeing this as a good thing as I wrote most of those ambitions in 2010 and they were clearly all achievable within 5 years so I hope this list will also see me ticking off some hopes. Given that this blog has never seen a version of my Bucket List, I may as well start from scratch:

  • Look through a telescope at planets and constellations
  • Be part of a film production (behind the scenes, not on screen), however small my part
  • Visit Australia and New Zealand
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Hold a baby hedgehog
  • Feed a lamb
  • Spend 4th July and Thanksgiving in America
  • Go on the Trans Siberian railway
  • Read the whole of the Koran
  • Have a wardrobe I’m completely happy with (the contents, not the actual structure…)

I’m not sure any of these goals are particularly ambitious, but they’re a start and that’s where bucket lists usually begin…

Going to the pictures

I love going to the cinema. From a young age, you’d catch me at the end of the movie sitting quietly watching the screen, wishing my friends wouldn’t nag me to leave just because the movie had ended. I was waiting for the names of the people who had produced this piece of entertainment. From the director and producer to the composer, script-writer and trailer-maker, I was enthralled. I wanted to be a part of this world, not to star in it, but to be a part of telling the story.

It’s strange how things work out. I have spent time working in all areas of media production but I have never once spent time on a movie set or on any aspect of film production. It is still something that sits on my bucket list. When we were in LA I was more interested in visiting Universal Studios than I was in Disneyland. There is a magic to the movies. I’m not sure it’s the so-called glamour of Hollywood because the dresses and majesty of the premier hold little interest for me. I think it’s something about how words, sound and image can combine to evoke emotion and express ideas or hope that nothing else can. There are so many movies from which I have a favourite line or a favourite moment that represents a perfect coming together of all of these components.

It is something I’m as yet unable to put into words. The closest I’ve heard are the words of Arthur Abbott in the movie ‘The Holiday’:

I came to Hollywood over 60 years ago, and immediately fell in love with motion pictures. And it’s a love affair that’s lasted a lifetime. When I first arrived in Tinseltown, there were no cineplexes or multiplexes. No such thing as a Blockbuster or DVD. I was here before conglomerates owned the studios. Before pictures had special effects teams. And definitely before box office results were reported like baseball scores on the nightly news.

The only way I can sense the unexplainable wonder of movies is by actually going to the cinema. The clever writing, the use of music to enhance a moment, the beauty of a well-lit shot and the incredible skill required to weave it all together in a way that allows viewers to leave their seats and this world for a short while and enter into the story, are all magnified on the big screen.

There are a few movies that are coming out in the next few months I’d like to see:

  • Mr Holmes
  • Inside Out
  • Minions (seeing next week!)
  • Jurassic World
  • Spy

‘Going to the pictures’ is one of my favourite choices for date night. If I figure out what it is that makes my heart skip a beat and my eyes light up, I’ll let you know. If you don’t hear from me, I’ll be lost in the world of motion pictures.