Following in the footsteps

My childhood was peppered with events, communication and travel. It is my father’s profession and it has become mine – out of my own choice I hasten to add. From the first moment I was given a small responsibility at a conference in Africa, the adrenalin of production filled my being, the rush of effective communication flooded my soul and I knew that one day, when I was grown up, I would follow in my father’s footsteps.

Through events and communication, I have an inroad to making an impact. There are so many channels that this career path can be funnelled into and I love the variety and potential it holds. The opportunities it presents are numerous and the idealist in me hopes that one day, I can use it to make a real difference in the world.

So it was with great joy that I got a chance to work with my father again this past week. He was running an event and needed a couple of extra hands on the night with production and hosting. The event was effortless, relaxing, slick and perfectly executed – a testament to his decades of experience in the sector. But it also served as  a reminder to me of all that he has taught me over the years. From small nuggets of practical advice (always hold the wire down when you pull gaffa up) to more technical instruction about AV equipment, I was finally useful to him in my own right. All that he has passed onto me has become part of my knowledge and it was so wonderful to be able to work with him as a professional not just as his daughter.

I know that I am not my father and I don’t aspire to be. I don’t have his experience yet and we both have our own ways of working. But following in his footsteps doesn’t mean I have to be a mini-him. He didn’t want to recreate his own dreams in me, he just walked with me to discover my own way of doing things and gave me some great advice along the way.

I’m proud to share the same profession as my father. His footsteps are worth treading in.

Calm excitement

When we got married three years ago, a lot of people asked us: “So, how is married life? Is it just wonderful? Are you excited?” To which, more often than not, I responded, “It’s great. It’s… normal.”

I didn’t mean that it wasn’t wonderful and exciting, but that it was something even better than that, it was perfectly natural. We had seamlessly transitioned into our new lives with each other and it felt wonderful to be so completely comfortable and at home with the man I married. Normal was good. It, in itself, was exciting, in a way that was so far beyond the ‘jump up and down’ sort of excitement.

Yesterday another big change came on my horizon and when friends asked how I felt, I responded that I was still processing (I’m an introvert, of course I was processing) but that it was exciting and normal. I wasn’t anxious or nervous about the transition time but I wasn’t jumping up and down either. It’s strange how excitement can look different depending on the situation.

Whilst I’m sure that the more conventional form of excitement will appear at some point and although there are certain to be some nerves, I am thankful that for now, my excitement is calm so that I can figure out and absorb this change.

I am so looking forward to this new chapter and so grateful that this goal has been reached so early on in the year!