January – Daring to hope


So that was January.

January was more of a roller coaster than I was expecting. It began with overwhelming developments in so many different areas of our lives: my job, my husband’s job, developments with our property and plans for a new kitchen. It all came at once. It was almost all positive, but it still came all at once. My Chief Executive was forced to resign, my husband got an interview for a great job and came so close to getting it (I’m so proud of him for getting so far!), a long-suffering compensation claim was finally paid to us and my hubby finally convinced his colleagues to let him go part-time.

We spent a beautifully snowy weekend with one of my dearest friends, celebrating her family and dedicating their first child – a gorgeous little girl. We spent a weekend with my in-laws by the beach and I’m spending this weekend relishing time; time to spend well over an hour on the phone to another of my closest friends whilst drinking coffee and eating cake – it was almost like she was here. Time to sort out plans for how we’re going to lead our life group. Time to write, reflect, read and be creative.

New Year seems a very long time ago. There have been so many highs and lows since then. We dared to hope and we dealt with disappointment. We rejoiced in two years of solicitors and communications with indescribably obnoxious people coming to an end (remind me never to buy a leasehold property again). We were thankful for changes within my job that had to happen and commiserated that those changes didn’t solve everything, even if they were a great start.

These past 31 days have certainly given a kick start to 2015.

I want to continue this year daring to hope. Our freezer may have broken, we may have no working light in the kitchen, we may not have the security in our careers we had anticipated, the coming few months may be unsettling and new. But in time we will have a brand new kitchen, my husband will be able to pursue his passions and skills and we will know more about who we are and where we’re headed. So February will see more plans made, more dreams unpacked, more time simply to be and more steps taken towards wherever it is we’re going.

A new book to be written (2015)

It is no secret that I am a fan of New Year. As someone who is goal oriented, I love the concept of a fresh start – a new book with 365 sparkling white pages waiting to be written. I have many things on my list for 2015. They’re pretty flexible and if I don’t achieve every one I won’t be discouraged, because that’s not what they’re there for. They’re an incentive, an inspiration, a hopeful encouragement to be the best I can be. Not the best compared with everyone else, just the best me.

I saw in the New Year with friends who have become very close in the past year and with whom I am looking forward to sharing life in these coming months. They have been a real Godsend in the most literal sense of the word and I have been so thankful for them and my other close friends who have walked 2014 with me.

Most of all, I am inexpressibly grateful to have a husband by my side who prefers to hope even if that results in disappointment. You can’t avoid disappointment in life, but you can choose to hope and I am hopeful for 2015.

Besides, who wouldn’t be when their husband starts the year with a delicious home-made brunch of Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon (including a hollandaise sauce made from scratch!)

Happy New Year!