An accepting nature

“I’m not wise, Indy, I am just accepting. We cannot change what is, no matter how hard we try.”

The Midnight Rose, Lucinda Riley

That bad things will happen in life is inevitable. The world can be a cruel place, full of lessons to be learned and injustice to endure. It can also be an indescribably beautiful place, full of light, hope, love and opportunity. But even with copious amounts of the latter, the former still pokes its ugly head into our days and demands that we either run away or persevere.

To have an accepting nature is much more complex and harder to achieve than it sounds. It requires us to rid ourselves of comparison, ‘what if’s, envy and frustration and replace all of those with acceptance, joy and promise.

It doesn’t mean that our emotions remain steady at all times or that we don’t grieve, laugh, try or fail. It means that in all of that, we take a deep breath and choose to see the good, accepting what is and, in light of that, pursuing the best possible future for ourselves and those around us.

Calm in chaos

IMGP4105aThe storms in Britain have been pretty fierce this Winter. The cold has stayed away but the wind and the rain have battered our little island with some force. We visited friends on the coast at the weekend and fought against the gusts for a few moments to watch the waves pound the shore. It was a beautiful and powerful sight.

We spent many hours hiding from the weather in an adorable little tea shop. We watched the clouds roll by and the rain pour down before venturing out at the first promise of blue in the grey sky.

It’s so sad to read the stories of those people whose lives have been so affected by the flooding. Our own walk into town is currently completely submerged under water, as is the hotel where I got ready for my wedding almost three years ago situated on the banks of the Thames.

The elements have a life of their own and have the potential to cause so much damage. Amid the chaos that these storms are creating, I’m trying to find an element of beauty in their unstoppable strength. These waves were rolling in fast, as far as the eye could see and there was so much life in their nature that just a few minutes watching them crashing into the pebbles left my husband and me invigorated and refreshed. Somehow, even in the chaos, there was calm.