March – Recharging the Soul


Boy is this blog post late in coming. It’s a very good thing that my reflection on March was for ‘Recharging the Soul’ because the moment that April landed, that energy has been put to very good use!

March was pretty much all about Hawaii (plus a wonderful weekend in LA). It was a holiday that was so needed for so many reasons and it fulfilled every purpose that we had so hoped it would. We returned ready to face the things that we have hoped and prepared for. Our lifestyle has changed so much in a few short months but I am so thankful that we have transitioned into it so seamlessly. Some of the things I feared haven’t materialised. The fact we now have a much lower income hasn’t really bothered me. All I have noticed is the joy and dreaming that have slowly grown as a result.

My husband is working on something that makes his heart happy. Most of his time is now governed by himself and that works for him. He is motivated, he is excited and this in turn makes me so content. My job has changed and transformed into almost everything I hoped it might.

We hoped these changes would come, we prepared for them and March refreshed us ready to face them. I was very thankful for March and I will soon try to make some sense of the intensity that is April…